The Vertical Approach 

Vertical has deliberately chosen a differentiated approach to its peer group. The focus on designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing aircraft provides focus and reduces risk. Vertical is not trying to vertically integrate and take on every task of creating a completely new product category – we have chosen to build an ecosystem of top-tier partners across the value chain.

By partnering with top-tier aerospace and engineering organisations, including Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, Microsoft, GKN and Solvay, we are able to draw on their significant R&D and embedded aviation and technological knowhow to scale up our inhouse experience and de-risk operational execution and our path to certification.

Our approach has been validated by our customers American Airlines, Avolon, Virgin Atlantic, Marubeni, Bristow Group and Iberojet, and through Avolon’s leasing arrangements JAL and Gol, who have all chosen Vertical to be part of their journey towards a zero-carbon future.

Front View Aircraft

Our Aircraft

The piloted, four passenger VX4 is projected to have speeds up to 200mph, a range over 100 miles, be near silent when in flight, zero operating emissions and low cost per passenger mile. Vertical is targeting what it believes to be the highest global certification level, which is expected to achieve the equivalent safety standard of large commercial airliners (based on the standards issued by the CAA and EASA). Our aircraft is expected to be certified with the CAA, EASA and the FAA.


Market Leading Pre-order Book 

Vertical has a conditional pre-order book for 1350 aircraft valued at up to $5.4 billion. Customers span markets and geographies, including airlines, aircraft lessors, helicopter operators and travel groups, across North and South America, Europe and Japan. American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Bristow Group, Iberojet, Marubeni and, through Avolon’s leasing pre-orders, Japan Airlines and Gol have all chosen Vertical.



Vertical is respecting established engineering processes and leveraging mature and proven supply chains by partnering with the likes of Rolls-Royce, Honeywell and Microsoft, all of whom are investors in Vertical. This not only de-risks operation execution and our path to certification but it also allows us to leverage our partners’ incredible design and manufacturing capabilities.

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Vertical was founded in 2016 by Stephen Fitzpatrick, an established entrepreneur and founder of the Ovo Group, Europe’s largest independent energy retailer. Vertical has built one of the most experienced teams in the eVTOL industry who have certified and supported over 30 different aircraft and propulsion systems.